100% commitment to quality
Here at Allianz Worldwide Partners, the combined skills of member companies mean that we have many years of experience working with consumers, corporate clients, and their customers. You may be a corporate client across the globe or a customer right around the corner, but this doesn’t change the way we listen or care or help. Thanks to our continued success with each and every one of you, we are world leader. You might ask how we do this? The answer is quite simple: it’s because of our unrelenting commitment to Quality in everything we do.

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From our processes to our people

Management and operational processes and an excellent network of providers are crucial, but so too are technology and training. We continually train our people and strive to perfect our technological infrastructures and tools. In addition, our customers complete more than 640,000 satisfaction surveys each year which helps us to improve our performance and ultimately the quality of our services.

Proud to be ISO certified  
We have earned our clients’ trust, and that of their customers, and continue to deliver on our promises. And our reward for this is great - ISO certification in 10 countries! ISO certification covers call handling, our selection of service providers and staff training. Coordinating our global operations is very complex, so we are doubly proud of this valuable recognition. In our business, we believe there is no better measure of quality than your expressed level of satisfaction, relief, comfort and support that we offer in times of need.