Our Culture

Our Culture


Employee satisfaction

At Allianz Worldwide Partners Romania, our employees’ satisfaction and fulfilment are paramount to achieving our goals to be the best service provider possible. We are committed to continuous employee training and development, and to ensuring a stimulating and nurturing work environment through team-building, exciting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and more.

We are growing

Like many new companies steeped in a start-up atmosphere, every day is a day of growth for us - for our service activity and our teams. We are an energetic, educated, multi-lingual, vibrant group of young professionals who are building a thriving international business and enjoying each other and ourselves along the way. We are also able to capitalise on the reputation, strength and support of the Allianz brand and its 125 years of expertise and success.

A Global family

Although we are not located in the same places as the Allianz entities we serve, we are all part of the same global family, one in which multiple cultures, and ethnicities, languages, professions and personalities come together and form a collaborative whole. Our global family and team spirit keep us authentic, focused on our common goals and respectful of our cultural differences.



Continuously supporting those we serve – our clients, their customers and each other – is our modus operandi. We interact daily with our Allianz entities around the globe, and are constantly finding new ways to serve and satisfy them and their customers. In doing so, we are growing stronger together every day. When you join Allianz Worldwide Partners in Bucharest, you become part of this family that works and strives together as one business and one team with one culture around the world.