Personal growth

Personal growth

Personal growth and professional development often go hand in hand, and at Allianz Worldwide Partners Romania, we recognize how one can be vital to the other. We invest in our employees’ training and development and encourage them, when they are ready or feel the time is right, to pursue individual goals or ambitions that will contribute to their sense of personal and professional well being. And we always reward our employees for a job well done.


We believe that you can never stop learning. Life is a journey and you spend so much time at work why shouldn’t work be part of that journey too?

Technical training: For many roles in our organisation, a second language is a requirement. New starters are therefore asked to participate in training performed partially with native speakers of the required language, including German and/or Italian.

Soft skills training: A structured programme sees both internal and external experts provide communications and soft skills training.

Our people are our best asset. Any good company knows that. To nurture our people we offer a series of coaching sessions and mentoring programmes to enable growth and development, grow confidence and make our people understand what a valuable asset they are.

Our employees are also exposed to regional and global leaders and we believe that learning from engaging and inspirational peers is essential.

With our fast pace of growth, there are also good opportunities for growth into a senior or leadership role.

Being part of a global organisation means exciting opportunities for international exposure.

In our Bucharest office, we have a real energy as a dynamic and fast growing organisation. We have a friendly, people oriented workspace with a relaxation room and brand new kitchen and dining area and an open and transparent culture.

Part of the Allianz family

Working at Allianz Worldwide Partners means you will also be part of the Allianz Group. This is one of the largest financial service providers in the world with 148,000 employees serving 83 million private and corporate customers in some 70 countries. Employees of Allianz Worldwide Partners may benefit from Allianz’s training, development, networking, and diversity and mobility programs to broaden their skills and expertise.