Tips for a successful application

Tips for a successful application

A good application can certainly help tip the scales when it comes to assessing different candidates. It will enable you to stand out and make your mark before we’ve even met you.

Just as a good application can open doors, a mediocre one can slam them shut. Presentation, clarity and integrity can make all the difference. So, help yourself help your own career.

When you apply be sure that your CV is up-to-date and the best that it can be. We also encourage a well-crafted and convincing letter of motivation. Both can easily be uploaded on our recruitment tool.

Our tips for a CV that speaks and shines:  

  1. Keep it short, clear and to the point  
  2. Make it look good. A clean layout and visual appeal is a sign of professionalism 
  3. Most recent work experiences should come first  
  4. Include the most relevant facts 
  5. Be accurate 
  6. Be truthful 
  7. Adapt it to the employer and the job you are applying for